Datong updates cultural image at SXCIF


Updated: 2023-10-23


The Datong exhibition hall at the 6th Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair. [Photo/Datong Daily] 

At the ongoing 6th Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair (SXCIF), Datong has been showcasing a combination of traditional and modern approaches to exhibiting its strengths and standout products to provide visitors with a new understanding of this ancient city. 

Divided into 11 sections, its exhibition area showcases Datong's history, natural environment, urban appearance, cultural industry, and new achievements in culture-derived industries. 

During the fair, traditional cultural products such as Datong bronzeware, black pottery, silver and coal carvings, and Guangling paper-cuttings are being displayed. Cultural creative products like Xiaonantang tea and snacks are also being showcased. 

Culture-derived new projects, represented by low-altitude tourism and VR experiences, are being presented via multimedia technology, including 3D scanning and printing, and 720-degree panoramic tours.


The exhibition area for the Yungang Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Datong, is filled with young visitors at the fair. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Datong has brought many new gifts to the fair. The organizers have specially arranged for the free distribution the city's official mascot Wangyoubao inspired by Datong's city flower, the daylily, attracting many young visitors with its cute appearance.

Apart from the cultural exhibits that can be seen and experienced, Datong's exhibition hall has also planned daily activities at the fair, including dance performances, intangible cultural heritage displays, and the distribution of hand-drawn maps. 

On the first day of the fair, a special investment promotional event for Datong was held. Three projects, including the Deshengbao wellness and education tourism project and the DeSheng ancient Great Wall international camp project, were signed on-site.