Fair shows new image of Shanxi cultural industries


Updated: 2023-10-23


The 6th Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair takes place in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, from Oct 19-23. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

The ongoing 6th Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair is showcasing a new and vibrant cultural image for this northern Chinese province in various fields, such as cultural heritage, cultural tourism, media integration, and cultural creativity.

Its comprehensive exhibition hall is flashing the latest achievements of cultural relics protection as well as new models and technologies such as unmanned vehicles, an LED-powered digital movie screening system, and digital publications.


Visitors try their hand at making cultural creative products at the fair. [Photo by Sun Ruisheng/China Daily] 

It is also focusing on tourism development in Shanxi, and the latest cultural development projects from local cities. 

As a grand stage for leading cultural enterprises from the province, the special pavilion shows the newest trends in the digital protection of cultural relics, digital marketing planning, animation creation production, and cultural creative products.


Cultural creative products linked to the fair's official mascot are on display. [Photo provided to goshanxi.com.cn] 

Visitors can immerse themselves in an interactive experience by wearing AR glasses at the exhibition area of the Shanxi Cultural Relics Bureau, where cultural relics and the latest cultural creative products bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, bringing cultural heritage to life.