Pingyao launches Chinese New Year event



A drum performance is staged at the opening ceremony of the 2024 Pingyao Chinese New Year event, Feb 2. [Photo provided to] 

The 2024 Pingyao Chinese New Year event started in the Ancient City of Pingyao in North China's Shanxi province on Feb 2.

The launch day saw a festive atmosphere at Xingguo Temple, where a vibrant intangible cultural heritage market showcased cultural creative products and cultural heritage demonstrations. Over 100 volunteers wrote couplets and auspicious characters for visitors and locals, infusing the surroundings with a rich cultural ambiance.


Calligraphers write spring couplets and distribute them to visitors in the Ancient City of Pingyao, Feb 2. [Photo provided to] 

On Pingyao Impressions New Street, time-honored brands and products were on display, accompanied by captivating performances such as lion dances and drum performances. 

This year's Pingyao Chinese New Year event, which will run until Feb 25 (the 16th day of the first lunar month), will feature 15 activities, including Chinese New Year blessings, folk customs shows, and temple fairs.


A festive mood is set in the Ancient City of Pingyao, Feb 2. [Photo provided to] 

First launched in 2006, the annual Pingyao Chinese New Year event has seen continuous thematic evolution and has expanded activities over the years. Wei Jiangfeng, Party secretary of Pingyao, emphasized that it has become a shining symbol that showcases the unique charm of Pingyao's cultural heritage and an excellent platform for promoting Spring Festival culture. In 2015, Pingyao was selected as the first national base for the promotion of Chinese Spring Festival cultural symbols.