Shanxi launches patent transformation trading platform


Updated: 2024-04-23

The Shanxi Patent Transformation Trading Platform, which is set to enhance the efficiency of patent transformation and utilization for innovative entities, was launched in Taiyuan, North China's Shanxi province, on April 22. 

During the launch ceremony, a promotional video introducing the platform was played, and activities related to the matchmaking between universities and enterprises were conducted.

The platform is important as it connects the government, banks, enterprises, and service institutions. It is employed to address the intellectual property needs of innovative entities in the province, while also bridging information gaps and guarding against corruption and market risks. Moreover, it effectively stimulates innovation vitality in regard to intellectual property.

Now that the platform is in operation, it will activate more dormant patents and integrate a greater amount of market resources to effectively facilitate the utilization of high-value patents.

Patent transformation trading involves the transfer of intellectual property rights from the transferor to the transferee, which will significantly enhance the utilization rate of intellectual property and generate transfer income for the rights holders. It also represents a new concept of intellectual property transfer, particularly for enterprises, which can help create profits and enhance operational efficiency.