Shanxi's cultural and tourism sector prepares for May Day holiday


Updated: 2024-04-29

In preparation for the upcoming May Day holiday from May 1 to 5, North China's Shanxi province has launched a variety of cultural and tourism activities and increased the number of cultural and tourism performances. 

Additionally, in some areas of Shanxi, preferential measures, such as direct transportation and tourist tickets discounts, have been introduced.

During this year's holiday, many scenic spots, such as Xinzhou Ancient City, Daiyang Ancient Town, and Linfen Guxian Peony Cultural Scenic Area, will launch various interactive activities, allowing visitors to enjoy a more diverse and enriching vacation.


Daiyang Ancient Town in Jincheng city. [Photo/Taihang Daily]

From May 1 to 5, the Daiyang Ancient Town scenic area will host a cultural week event. During this time, immersive street performances, hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) garden tours, night tours, and light shows will be presented. 

At the same time, several cultural and tourism performances will be increased in number during the holiday. As a flagship performance in Shanxi, the immersive experiential performance Another Glance at Pingyao will increase its holiday showings to five daily.


Large-scale indoor immersive experiential performance Another Glance at Pingyao. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Furthermore, to address the travel needs of tourists, the free shuttle bus service connecting scenic spots in Yuncheng will commence operation on May 1. This service will provide direct access to 28 scenic spots located in multiple counties and districts including Ruicheng, Hejin, Wanrong, Jishan, Xinjiang, Xiaxian, Yanhu, and Yuanqu.

Many scenic spots will also offer substantial ticket discounts. As of May 31, tourists who present electronic records of their arrival at Jincheng's high-speed rail station or ticket reimbursement vouchers will receive a 50-percent discount at the first admission to any of the five scenic spots within the ecological and cultural tourism area of the House of the Huangcheng Chancellor, starting from the day of their arrival and valid for three days.


The high-speed train specially for the House of the Huangcheng Chancellor. [Photo/Shanxi News Network]