Taiyuan Yuandong Construction Co contributes to Taiyuan's infrastructure construction with its products and technologies. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Taiyuan Yuandong Construction Co, a private company located in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, has accumulated rich experience and robust technologies over its 33-year development. It produces reinforced concrete drainage pipes and cement prefabricated components.

In recent years, it has been involved in several key provincial and municipal projects, such as the Fen Dong Sewage Treatment Plant, the renovation project of Wohu Mountain Road, and the construction of Metro Line 1 and Line 2.

The box girders produced by the company meet load-bearing requirements with precise accuracy. Length and width discrepancies of these box girders must remain within 1 centimeter and 5 millimeters, respectively. They must also maintain uniform thickness and width. Such end results can only be achieved through high technical standards.

The box girders, tested and refined over the years, not only maintained a strength grade greater than C50, but also boasted smooth surfaces without any honeycombs or rough patches.

Rigorous internal factory testing and third-party inspections ensure product quality. Product accuracy errors were firmly kept within millimeters. Prefabricated rectangular tunnel sections for the metro line, each weighing 38 metric tons, had interface errors within millimeters.

All design and production were autonomously completed by the company, filling the technological gap in the production of large and fine prefabricated components in the province.

Currently, the company's product orders have exceeded 200 million yuan ($27.71 million). In the first quarter of this year, the company received orders accounting for 15,000 cubic meters. The company had invested 14 million yuan to introduce new equipment from Shanxi Heavy Industry Co, and it is expected to launch the most advanced composite panel production line in the province by the end of next month.

After the production line is put into operation, it will reduce labor costs by half and triple production efficiency, increasing daily production from 50 cubic meters to 150 cubic meters. At full capacity, the maximum annual output of the line can reach 100,000 cubic meters.