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Stir-fried bulanzi

Updated: 2019-04-12

Stir-fried bulanzi, or guolei, is a famous traditional snack that can also be eaten as a staple food in Shanxi province, and it is made out of potato and flour powder and cooked with condiments.

The pastry is tender and tasty. The main ingredients include potato (people can also replace potato with long beans or pumpkin), flour powder, salt, edible oil, red peppers, Chinese prickly-ash and green Chinese onion.

Shred the potato into strings; mix the shredded potato and flour powder with slightly salty water; put the flour-coated potato shreds into the steamer; some people prefer to enjoy it with tomato jam after about 30-minutes of steaming.

Some people prefer to eat stir-fried bulanzi rather than the steamed one. In which case, they can stir fry it with shredded peppers and other seasonings, such as Chinese prickly-ash, minced garlic and gingers.

Heat the edible oil to medium well and stir-fry the condiments until the Chinese onions and minced garlic give off aroma, then add the steamed bulanzi in the pan and stir fry them until they start to singe. It can be served with some salt if it tastes too mild.

As a popular snack among both adults and children, it is easy to cook and tender with a crispy crust.