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  • Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co


    Established in the early 1980s, Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co located in Yuxian county, Yangquan city, has seized on the opportunities brought about by the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy.

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    Digital tools transform coal mining industry


    ​Yangquan, a traditional coal mining city in the east of Shanxi province, is experiencing an economic revitalization thanks to its technological transformation.

  • IoT, 5G dig underground sector amid pursuit of high-quality development


    Yangquan Coal Industry is only one of the companies in the coal-rich province of Shanxi to embrace digital technologies to pursue high-quality development.

  • Yangquan Jidong Cement Co


    Yangquan Jidong Cement Co based in the city of Yangquan was put into operation in 2012, and currently has 301 employees and average annual sales of 844 million yuan ($117.85 million).

  • Shanxi Guanlin Agricultural Technology Co


    Shanxi Guanlin Agricultural Technology Co, based in Pingding county, Yangquan, is an agricultural enterprise integrating the acquisition, processing, production, sale, warehousing and distribution of agricultural products and Chinese medicinal materials.

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    Yangquan Tianlong Ecological Agriculture Co


    Yangquan Tianlong Ecological Agriculture Co based in Yangquan has managed to reduce the number of employees and exponentially increase benefits in its 5G-based smart farming project.

  • SGL Quanhai Carbon Co


    SGL Quanhai Carbon Co is a Sino-German joint venture specializing in the production, processing and sale of various carbon products, special graphite products and related products.

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    Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co


    Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co in Yangquan is an enterprise integrating bee breeding technology consulting, promotion services, bee breeding, and bee product production, processing, and sales.

  • Richangjing New Materials Co


    Richangjing New Materials is a manufacturer of sapphire substrate, a material used in the production of light-emitting display devices and semiconductors.