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Yangquan-based Huayue Machinery Co to become quality manufacturer

Updated: 2024-03-25


The Intelligent large-scale fully mechanized mining equipment produced by Huayue Machinery Co. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Huayue Machinery Co, a high-end equipment manufacturer based in Yangquan city, rises in influence as its coal machinery product is recognized as a "Shanxi Fine Products". It is the only of its kind in North China's Shanxi province to receive such recognition.

The company has been committed to advancing intelligent production, extensively enhancing the production skills and capabilities of its workers in order to continuously create high-quality products. 

Riding on the wave of digital economic development, the company has regarded digital transformation as one of the core means for enterprise development. With intelligent manufacturing as its primary focus, the company has achieved improvements both in production efficiency and product quality.


The robots of Huayue Machinery Co perform welding operations. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

The company has consistently adhered to the concept of "fine products manufacturing", placing product quality as a top priority. "In 2019, we explicitly set the goal of ensuring that products leaving the factory operate without failure for 10,000 hours," said Shi Huijin, director of the company's quality inspection center. 

Furthermore, the company has kept putting great effort into improving the technical competence of its personnel. By giving full play to the exemplary role of model workers and skilled craftspeople, the company has engaged in technological innovation, technical exchanges, and other activities in order to cultivate more technicians.