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Yangquan energy firm adds provincial intelligent coal mine

Updated: 2023-11-16


A miner safely operates a console at the No 2 Mine of Huayang New Material Technology Group. [Photo/Yellow River News]

The No 2 Mine of Huayang New Material Technology Group based in Yangquan, North China's Shanxi province, passed the provincial-level acceptance test for intelligent mines. 

This is the group's third provincial-level intelligent coal mine. 

In recent years, the group has promoted the construction of intelligent coal mines, building no fewer than three of them as well as a number of advanced mining working faces.

The No 2 Mine has established an intelligent comprehensive management platform, enabling data integration, analysis and management, alarm management, intelligent linkage, and comprehensive control. 

Meanwhile, it has further expanded the 5G pilot applications in intelligent mining working faces.