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Yangquan grit ware hot pot

Updated: 2020-05-06


A Yangquan grit ware hot pot [Photo/shanxi.gov.cn]

Renowned for producing grit products such as grit ware and grit pottery for decades, Yangquan city has developed a household cuisine called Yangquan grit ware hot pot which is popular in Shanxi province and even in North China for its pure taste and cold dispelling effect.

Yangquan grit ware is a specialist and distinctive ceramics creation between pottery and porcelain from the city, in North China's Shanxi province. The exterior is fine in texture, uniform in thickness.  

Yangquan grit ware hot pot includes the hot pots of meat and vegetable. 

The assorted meat grit ware hot pot -- which places Chinese cabbage leaves into the bottom of the pot -- contains dried shrimps, vermicelli, meatballs, chicken nuggets and sea cucumber slices, featuring a mellow but not oily taste. 

The assorted vegetable grit ware hot pot contains vermicelli, kelp, tofu, roasted potato pieces, gluten, Chinese cabbage leaves, radish and coriander.