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Yangquan Zhongchuang E-commerce Park

Updated: 2020-06-12


Yangquan Zhongchuang E-commerce Park in Yangquan city [Photo/yq.gov.cn]

Founded in October 2015, Yangquan Zhongchuang E-Commerce Park is the first registered comprehensive and multi-functional e-commerce industrial park in Yangquan city.

It is also the largest comprehensive e-commerce park in the city. 

As a professional e-commerce industry chain platform, the park conducts specialized, intensive, standardized, and market-oriented management.

It reduces operating costs and improves market competitiveness of the local e-commerce enterprises and help boost e-commerce industry in the city.

The park is constructed in three phases. The first phase includes entrepreneurship training centers for college students. There are also entrepreneurship centers for the youths and returnees to the city, as well as a small and medium-sized enterprise incubation area, an entrepreneurial cafe, product display areas, public multifunctional halls for events including roadshows and salons and a cross-border e-commerce experience center.

The second phase involves the construction of a 4,000-square-meter handicraft production, processing site and cargo storage, packaging and logistics areas, which can help with the reemployment of nearby laborers, laid-off workers and retirees.

The third phase of the park contains a comprehensive service center, banks, law firms, laboratories, apartments and areas for catering, leisure and office services. 

The park provides open workstations for individuals and group startups and offers a free office environment and office facilities for undergraduates, graduates and skilled people returning to the city. 

Address: No 8 Qingdao Road, Yangquan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yangquan city, Shanxi province 

Tel: 0353—3333303

E-mail: yqzcep@163.com