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Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co

Updated: 2021-09-09


Products of Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

Founded in 2017 in Yangquan city, Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co is an enterprise integrating bee breeding technology consulting, promotion services, bee breeding, and bee product production, processing, and sales.

The enterprise has standardized honey production workshops, laboratories, and beekeeper service stations, a bee culture park, and a honey-source crop planting demonstration area. A mature honey production line with an annual output of 60 metric tons has begun operating as well.

It has five standardized beekeeping demonstration bases, and has motivated more than 50 beekeepers in 10 villages in the city's Chakou township to work to develop the industry. 

In 2019, the enterprise took the lead in the establishment of a consortium for the industrialization of beekeeping, which brought together large beekeeping households, professional cooperatives, and agricultural enterprises across Yangquan, a single brand for bee products, purchase agreement signing, and standardized production, and formed a regional public brand for Shanxi province – Yangquan Honey. 

So far, 14 beekeeping cooperatives and 25 family farms have joined the consortium. And through the joint efforts of consortium members, Yangquan has established 20 standardized beekeeping demonstration bases and over 30 brand agents in Yangquan, Taiyuan, and Beijing, making the Yangquan Honey brand more famous. 


A worker packages honey soap in a workshop of Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co in Yangquan. [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

Shanxi Lefengyuan Agricultural Technology Co has set its sights on extending the industrial chain to enhance the added value of bee and honey products by investing in the production of honey toiletries. It has also produced 10 tons of honey series toiletries, including soap, laundry detergent, and shower gels made from wattle nectar and acacia nectar. 

The enterprise plans to produce honey cosmetics when the production of toiletries is stable, according to Wang Huizhong, general manager of the enterprise.