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SGL Quanhai Carbon Co

Updated: 2021-12-07

SGL Quanhai Carbon Co is a Sino-German joint venture specializing in the production, processing and sale of various carbon products, special graphite products and related products.

The company mainly produces high-end isostatic special graphite products and high-end fiber hard felt products. It has an annual output of 2,500 metric tons of special graphite products and 1,000 standard graphite hard felts. 

Ding Shenghou, deputy general manager of the company, said that its isostatic graphite products boast excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, high mechanical strength, and stable and reliable quality.

They are widely used in emerging industries such as electronics, semiconductors, batteries, solar and wind energy, and environmental protection.

In addition, SGL Quanhai Carbon Co is committed to reducing emissions of various pollutants during production. 

The company uses horizontal electric traps to remove tar in flue gas treatment, and uses the lime gypsum method for desulfurization, which has been successful and paved the way for the environmental protection of the carbon industry in Shanxi.

In 2020, it was named an "Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Protection" by Yangquan authorities. 

Address: Xincun village, Zhangzhuang town, Pingding county, Yangquan city

Tel: +86 353 6029-581