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Industrial park in Yuxian county speeds up construction

Updated: 2022-01-04


A factory is under construction in Xiushui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park, Yuxian county, Yangquan. [Photo/Yellow River News]

Construction of standardized workshops in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park in Yuxian county, Yangquan is nearing completion.

The 14-hectare industrial park's standardized plant project consists of eight multi-span steel structure workshops, a 13,900-square-meter comprehensive office building, which includes areas for coal mining protective clothing processing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, small medical equipment processing and luggage processing, agricultural product logistics, and clothing processing.

The industrial park has become a platform for the transformation and development of the internet of things (IoT) industry and an incubator for tech innovation-oriented enterprises.

Wang Zhiqiang, director of the investment service department of Yuxian Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that the 3D laser cladding printing, intelligent IoT, equipment and heavy machinery manufacturing industries will be developed in the park. 

More than a dozen enterprises focusing on coal mine electromechanical equipment, medical equipment, clothing processing, and production have expressed intention to start businesses in the park.