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Yangquan firm applies 5G tech to farming

Updated: 2022-03-03


A worker feeds chickens in a 5G-based smart breeding chicken house operated by Yangquan Tianlong Ecological Agriculture Co in Yangquan. [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

Yangquan Tianlong Ecological Agriculture Co based in Yangquan, North China's Shanxi province, has managed to reduce the number of employees and exponentially increase benefits in its 5G-based smart farming project.

The company has built and put two 5G-based smart breeding chicken houses into use, which are equipped with intelligent environmental control system terminals.

Combined with the data and experience accumulated in the traditional breeding stage, the 5G-based smart breeding management system is highly convenient, as it can calculate the optimal supply of feed according to the recorded feed and water intake as well as the health status of the chickens. 

The scientific and accurate breeding mode saves on labor and brings about a substantial increase in production efficiency: six people were required to raise 30,000 chickens in the past, while now one person can raise 100,000 chickens.

With the comprehensive application of the 5G-based smart breeding management system and the independently-developed breeding technology, the company has managed to improve egg production and quality. 

The death rate of hens has been reduced by 5 to 10 percent. Calculated based on the production of 1 kilogram of eggs, 0.5 kg of feed has been saved compared with traditional breeding methods, and egg production has increased by 5 kg. 

Each chicken can bring in 20 to 30 yuan ($3.17 to 4.75) more than in traditional farming. The 5G-based smart breeding of 300,000 hens can help the company increase earnings by 6 million to 9 million yuan compared with traditional breeding methods. 

"I hope that by taking the lead in developing a 5G-based smart farming project, more farmers will realize that the efficiency advantages of digital agriculture is huge," said Chen Longjiang, general manager of the company.

"Our company plans to promote the 5G-based smart farming project in Yangquan's villages, with the right development conditions and willingness of locals, so as to contribute to rural revitalization," he added. 

The company now purchases over 30,000 metric tons of local corn annually, helping more than 500 farmers increase their income; prioritizes the employment of villagers near its 5G-based smart breeding chicken houses, providing employment for more than 100 people; and provides technical services for some 20 small and medium-sized chicken farms, boosting the local breeding industry.