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Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co

Updated: 2023-09-08

Established in the early 1980s, Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co located in Yuxian county, Yangquan city, has seized on the opportunities brought about by the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy. 

The company has integrated primary, secondary, and tertiary industries into its business by developing high-standard fruit tree cultivation and planting, green ecological agriculture development, and catering and leisure vacation projects. 

Its modern apple industrial park in Ziniuzhuang village that spans some 66 hectares has seen fruit trees planted and more than 6 ha of land reserved for rural tourism projects. 

Shanxi Jiazhen Grain Co in Dongping village was established in 2016 as one of the business transformation projects of Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co. 

In December 2019, Shanxi Jiazhen Grain Co formed an agricultural industrialization consortium in collaboration with multiple agricultural cooperatives in Sunjiazhuang town. This consortium has promoted the development of the grain industry in six villages in the town. 

By establishing specialized grain production bases and introducing excellent technologies, Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co has expanded and strengthened the miscellaneous grain industry, generating annual sales of 50 million yuan ($6.86 million) and a profit of 1 million yuan, bringing more income to local farmers. 

In 2022, Yuxian Sunjiazhuang Industrial Co collaborated with Beijing Qiyijianzhong Technology Co and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully developing a functional food project that combines medicine and food materials. This year, the company invested 2.1 million yuan in building a fast-food processing production line for miscellaneous grains. 

Furthermore, the company has assembled a professional team to create a multifunctional service system that combines leisure, health, and holidays.

Yuxian Longhaiyun Hotel, which the company invested in and built, welcomed over 3,000 visitors and hosted more than 100 weddings and other events in the first half of this year.