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Yangquan promotes Se-rich products in Beijing

Updated: 2023-11-28

Yangquan city conducted a promotional conference in Beijing, organized by the city's authority, to highlight the advancements in the selenium-rich agricultural products sector on Nov 26. 

The event employed various means such as brand promotions, expert discussions, dialogues, product displays, and media interviews with the goal of showcasing the city's abundant selenium resources and the progress achieved in developing the Se-rich industry in Yangquan. Additionally, the conference aimed to foster trade negotiations, attract investments, implement brand marketing strategies, and facilitate cooperative exchanges, ultimately contributing to the high-quality development of the Se-rich industry in the city. 

During the event, the "Yangquan Se-brand" regional public brand was announced, and 25 local enterprises were selected as authorized enterprises for the regional public brand. 

Partnerships were also announced, including collaborations between Suzhou Setek Co and Shanxi Jinmao Agricultural Development Co, JD, and Shanxi Yilin Agricultural Development Co. 

Yangquan showcased its Se-rich products, green food, organic agricultural products, geographical indication agricultural products, and folk crafts at the conference. Scholars, experts, and enterprise representatives shared their experiences and insights on Se-rich agricultural product cultivation, production, nutritional value, and market prospects. 

With a stable and abundant source of selenium elements in its soil, Yangquan boasts an average selenium content 2.1 times higher than the national average, and approximately 60 percent of the city's arable land is rich in selenium. This unique characteristic positions Yangquan as a rare and high-quality Se-rich area in the country. 

Currently, the city's Se-rich industry has seen a boom. A development framework of research institutes, production sites, industrial parks, and distribution centers has been formed. The range of Se-rich products in the city has expanded to 14 categories, and standardized production bases covering an area of over 3,333 hectares have been established for Se-rich oilseeds, miscellaneous grains, fruits, brewed products, and medicinal teas. A total of 136 products have obtained Se-rich certification.