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    Yangquan Fossil Popular Science Park


    The Fossil Popular Science Park in Yangquan city -- in North China's Shanxi province -- will soon be officially opened to the public free of charge.

  • Niangzi Pass


    Located at the foot of Mianshan Mountain in the northeast of Pingding county, Niangzi Pass was built in the Ming Dynasty and it is the ninth pass on the Great Wall of China.

  • Taolin Ditch


    Taolin Ditch is a earth-rock mountain region belonging to Taihang Mountain and is located 3 kilometers north of Yangquan, the central city in eastern Shanxi province.

  • Cang Mountain


    The Cang Mountain Scenic Area in Yu county, Shanxi province, with more than 2,600 years of history, is the most famous mountain in Shanxi's history.

  • Hongyanling Natural Scenic Area


    Hongyanling Natural Scenic Area is located in Chakou township in the northeast of Pingding county, Shanxi province.

  • Yinyuan Villa


    Yinyuan Villa is located in Guangou village, Pingtan town, Yangquan city, Shanxi province.

  • Xiaohe Ancient Village Pingmei Scenic Area


    The Pingmei Scenic Area, with rich historical relics and beautiful environment, is located in the eastern part of Yijing Town, suburb of Yangquan city.

  • Guguan


    Guguan Great Wall is located in Xinguan Village, Niangziguan Town, 35 kilometers east of Pingding County.

  • Guanshan Academy


    Guanshan Academy, located in the southwest of Hougou village, Guanshan town, Pingding county, appealed to scholars of all dynasties.